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Swiss furniture campaign & brand identity

The idea was to make the new communications campaign more approachable and intimate by creating a new visual concept. The logo’s central element (the red square) sets up a new and high recognizability. This central element is used in marketing campaigns including both print and online media. With Pfister’s new brand positioning on the market everything evolves around the importance of the client’s individual personality who accordingly deserve a unique home. The campaign is inspired by the diversity of the human character. This diversity is visualized by showing different personalities in their homes surrounded by their favourite pieces of furniture with either a testimonial or the slogan “Welcome to your home”.


The designer brand „Möbel Pfister” is the market leader in the swiss furniture retail market. The product range includes quality furniture and accessories with the themes of living, sleeping and eating.

Project Goal

Composing a new visual concept that consolidates the different furniture branches and creating a new and unified brand identity.


Business Goal

The main target was to increase the brand awareness and the brand’s popularity. Furthermore, the brand was to be made more approachable to the clients through a increased exposure.


Conception, Design



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