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New campaign & brand identity

Payment processes are increasingly complicated and virtual. As a full-service payment service provider, PAYONE ensures quick, easy, secure and virtually invisible payment in the background.


The idea was to find a visual that shows the magic behind the payment process. Starting with the Slogan “The magic behind payment" I created many different designs that incorporate magic. The thought process led to constructing visuals that included flying individuals and flying objects, framed in pastel coloured rooms. Since PAYONE services different sectors, I created different visuals for the specific lines of business (hospitality, fashion, entertainment etc.).


PAYONE is one of the leading full-service European payment service providers at the point of sale. The company ensures quick, easy, secure and virtually invisible payments in the background.

Project Goal

Creating a campaign and brand identity to reflect the company´s newer, modern look and vision.

​Business Goal

Increasing the brand awareness and popularity.


Conception, Design



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