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Cross-media campaign

A cross-media campaign was launched for Cyberport’s 20-year anniversary with the goal to stimulate retail sales. The idea was to build and develop an image and activation campaign through online and offline channels, including newsletters, social media advertising, online banner, chatbots, canvas-ads and print advertising.


Cyberport is one of the largest retailers of consumer electronics in Germany.


Project Goal

Creating a cross media campaign that stands out in the very competitive tech market


Business Goal

Building brand trust and a raised awareness level while increasing sales.





Facebook Canvas Ad

The full-screen Canvas ad experience allows advertisers to engage with mobile content. For the 20th anniversary I created an interaktiv contest which allows the user to learn more about the brand and also win something cool after entering the email address.


I was part of concepting this old tech-look from the 90s to underline the years of experience that Cyberport has in the tech industry.

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